gbCharity Platforms
created and implemented by Graziella Baratta

~Giving Back to the Community~

Healthy Habits For Life:

  1. Encouraging youth to develop good eating & exercise habits
  2. Educating youth on how to develop these habits from a simple presentation, and hand-outs to bring home.
  3. Educating youth on making good lifestyle choices such as abstaining from drugs and alcohol abuse
  4. Ms United States is a living example of these healthy habits every day
  5. Inspiring youth and adults to be healthy and fit through instructional master classes in dance and fitness, and cooking classes

(Ms United States is a professional dancer, instructor, and certified personal trainer with a BA in Dance)


I AM For Women: Inspiration & Motivation to empower women

  1. Confidence workshops for women & girls
  2. Goal setting & achievement workshops for women & girls
  3. Motivational guest speaker
  4. A supportive, informative & inspirational free network for women & girls-

B.Youneek: www.byouneek.ning.com

In addition to promoting her two official national platforms, Ms United States supports many other notable causes and is open to all types of affiliations.

Ms United States’ Other Non- Profit Affiliations:
The American Heart Association
Queens Sickle Cell Anemia Network (Q-Scan)
New York Youth Bureau

Appearance/ Booking Contact: Liana Baratta

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